The company had identified these targets following a detailed follow up of the data from a stream sampling mission conducted between 2009 and 2012. The three targets were covered by 89 close spaced samples in 2012 including 51positive ilmenite and chrome spinel, 14 samples containing more than 10 mantle grains per sample, strongly suggesting the presence of proximal kimberlite.

Delrand plans to identify the source of those mantle grains through a combination of stream samples and ‘hammer’ survey, following which the company is likely to undertake sampling, geophysics and drilling operations.

Meanwhile, the company is awaiting the call for applications from Department of Mines (CAMI) in Kinshasa, Congo seeking other high-interest targets identified in the Orientale Province.

Delrand president Dr. Mike de Wit said that the company has been restricted to low-cost and focussed exploration programs over the past several years.

"During this period Delrand has itself amassed and obtained access to a considerable amount of exploration data. The Company continues to process and further explore arguably the most comprehensive DRC diamond exploration data base that has ever been assembled," added Wit.

Delrand is currently working a large diamond exploration dataset that covers areas well in excess of 100,000km² in the Kasai region of the southern Congo, which were explored between 2004 and 2008 by a number of companies using modern exploration techniques.