The exploration was conducted by wholly-owned subsidiary Reptile Uranium Namibia (RUN).

On 29 April 2010, Deep Yellow had reported the drill results from discovery hole ALAR13 which returned 89m at 400ppm cU3O8 from 128m.

Since then, follow-on drilling has continued and significantly, four consecutive drillholes on Reconnaissance Line 3 have returned chemical assays of approximately 400ppm cU3O8 and greater, indicating a potential width of significant mineralization across strike of at least 300m.

Discovery hole ALAR13 was located on Reconnaissance Line 2, which was drilled perpendicular to the strike of a northeast to southwest trending prospective horizon comprising alaskite, granitic gneiss and magnetite.

Additional drilling was also conducted around discovery hole ALAR13 to better understand the lithology and orientation of the mineralized alaskite trend.

The conclusion reached from the detailed drilling is that ALAR13 may have been drilled partially or wholly down-dip of the mineralized occurrence and this may have biased the true width of mineralization.

Presently there are three RC rigs and one diamond rig actively drilling on this project.