DCO Energy and Montclair State University are expanding their existing partnership to create and develop a state-of-the-art “Micro Grid” on the institution’s campus.

Upon completion of this new project, Montclair State University will be one of only a few educational institutions in NJ to have a fully integrated Micro Grid, a localized energy grid with independent control capabilities, including automatic disconnect from the traditional grid if an outage occurs and the ability for the system to operate autonomously.

This project follows the success of the Combined Heating, Cooling and Power (CHCP) project that DCO staff developed and has been operating on the Montclair State University campus since 2012. Results of the CHCP project include lower energy costs related to electric, heating and cooling, improved efficiency and a reduction of the University’s overall carbon footprint. The capability for expansion was built into the original system, and has facilitated other new capital projects which have further benefitted the University.

Expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2017, the Micro Grid is a fully integrated, all-inclusive form of power that will create numerous benefits for Montclair State University. Perhaps most noteworthy among them is the fact that, upon completion of the project, the University will be able to operate completely independent of local utilities when required, enabling the institution to control its own power usage and costs while benefitting from more reliable power delivery.

“The creation of the Micro Grid leverages the University's CHCP facility with additional generation and smart grid technology to provide a robust and reliable utility infrastructure that will serve the more than 25,000 students, faculty and staff of the University,” stated Montclair State University Vice President of University Facilities Shawn Connolly. “We are excited to expand our already successful relationship with DCO Energy, and we look forward to utilizing this latest advancement in building Montclair State's infrastructure.”

“We are so proud of our partnership with Montclair State University,” said Frank DiCola, Chairman and CEO of DCO Energy. “Micro Grids are a tremendous benefit for educational facilities, and the University should be commended for being an early adopter of this powerful technology.”

“Much like the CHCP project, the University will not need to contribute any construction funding for the new Micro Grid facility,” said Michael Jingoli, CFO of DCO Energy.