Direction des Constructions Navales Services (DCNS) has signed a contract with China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNPEC) to supply 14 heat exchangers for two latest-generation European pressurized reactor (EPR) type nuclear power plants in China. The heat exchangers will be produced at DCNS's Nantes-Indret facility, in collaboration with the Cherbourg shipyard. Deliveries will begin in autumn 2010 and are scheduled for completion in late 2011.

DCNS has won a number of contracts to supply equipment for nuclear power plants.

DCNS will take advantage of industrial and engineering resources developed for the design and production of nuclear-powered warships. This contract will generate more than 100,000 hours of work, particularly in design, production engineering, fabrication, machining & assembly and inspection & quality control.

Others include production of reactor vessel internals and two airlocks for the EPR power station at Flamanville in France and a mock-up of the vacuum chamber for the experimental ITER reactor under construction at Cadarache, France.