The Gerald Grove H-9 oil well has been drilled to a measured depth (MD) of 5,053ft and a true vertical depth (TVD) of 1,376ft.

Drilling rig at the well, which is the company’s fourth oil well to be drilled in its planned 20-well development drilling program at the Twin Bottoms Field, has also been moved to the Gerald Grove H-10 location where drilling operations are currently underway.

The horizontal section of the wellbore encountered 3,677ft of oil-bearing sandstone as indicated by logs and other measurement data.

Daybreak Oil and Gas president and chief executive officer James Westmoreland said the Twin Bottoms Field continues to provide excellent results for the company.

"After the Gerald Grove H-10 well is drilled, the rig will be released to another operator while we finish the completion of the four recently drilled oil wells," Westmoreland added.

"An update for both our Kentucky and California operations will be provided once production is established at these four wells."
"Additionally, we are continuing to add more acreage to our lease inventory in the Twin Bottoms Field."