Data Translation, Inc. (Data Translation) has introduced a new series of precision voltage measurement instrument, VOLTpoint, for lithium-ion cell-by-cell determination. Each VOLTpoint is a stand-alone box offering 48 separate 24-bit resolution inputs over a complete sampling range of +/-100 volts, each with it's own A/D converter for direct connection to a PC via USB or Ethernet, LXI compatible.

According to Fred Molinari, president, founder and chief executive officer of Data Translation, VOLTpoint Precision Measurement Instruments are ideal for any lithium-ion related application requiring high voltage and highly precise cell-by-cell measurements. The unique design architecture of VOLTpoint guarantees highly accurate readings each and every time.

Direct voltage inputs of any value in the range of +/-100 volts can easily and quickly be applied from a single cell or from a series of stacked cells. Each of 48 separate input channels with 1000 volt channel to channel galvanic isolation ensures highly precise and consistent readings.

Key Design Features of VOLTpoint Precision Measurement Instruments are:

48-dedicated 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converters for ultimate resolution;

1000V channel-to-channel galvanic isolation for superior analog signal protection;

+/-100V input range for highly accurate voltage measurements;

Simultaneous operation at throughput rates up to 10Hz per channel;

16 opto-isolated digital IO lines (8 in / 8 out) for monitoring and driving relays;

USB or Ethernet connection offer ultimate user flexibility;

Ready-to-Measure software enables out of the box measurements.

Software Support:

Each VOLTpoint Precision Measurement Instrument ships with an easy to use, ready to measure application.