The council sought to retain a 30-year ban in the state that prohibits uranium mining at the region’s 119 million pound deposit.

According to the council, there will no initiatives taken to frame regulations for uranium mining, reiterating that regulations cannot cover the scope of possible hazards, reported

Virginia Uranium has laid down plans to set up a mine on the deposit, located within 10 miles of Chatham with resident fierecely opposing any such proposals citing risks to the environment and health.

Councilman Lee Vogler was quoted by the website as saying that the citizens of Danville wanted the council to take a stand.

"They didn’t want us to sit back and say nothing.

"Legislatures from around the state want to know what are the people in the area that’s going to affected by this, what do they think.

"And by us stepping up and taking a stance, I think we’re speaking pretty clear about how we feel about the issue," noted Vogler.