The well encountered approximately 330 vertical feet of gross oil bearing section and a set of wireline log data is being acquired over the reservoir section, following drilling and coring. Preliminary log analysis indicates approximately 75ft total thickness of good quality oil bearing reservoir sands.

Dana said that the logs and cores are in the process of being fully analyzed. It is planned that the well will next be completed and flow tested. It will then be suspended for future use as an oil producer, through a potential future tie back to the Ettrick FPSO.

Tom Cross, chief executive of Dana, said: “In the first half of 2010, Dana drilled 10 exploration wells making five oil and gas discoveries. In the second half of 2010, Dana’s intensive drilling program includes a further 10 exploration and appraisal wells, targeting additional oil and gas reserves in proven hydrocarbon basins.

“Blackbird is the first of these wells and the next three are already drilling in the UK, Netherlands and Egypt. In addition to this current drilling, Dana’s two largest 2010 targets at Anne Marie in the Faroes and Cormoran in Mauritania, will spud in July and September respectively.”