Dana Petroleum has identified light oil at the Lille John-2 appraisal well and side-track in the Lille John oil field at License 12/06 in the Danish North Sea.


The presence of sweet, light oil has been confirmed by the Lille John-2 (LJ-2) appraisal well and side-track in the Late Miocene sandstone reservoir.

The LJ-2 sandstone reservoir’s thickness and quality was found to be improved compared to the LJ-1 discovery well drilled in 2011, the company said.

The company also performed a production test, which resulted in maximum flow rate of 1,400 bbls/day, with no sand production. The oil quality was similar to that identified in the LJ-1, being 34°-35° API with no H2S.

Located near existing Dana operated licences in the Netherlands, the Danish Exploration Licence 12/06 comprises the Broder Tuck gas/condensate discovery.

Dana Petroleum will carry out a detailed evaluation of the acquired data to validate the exact thickness of the oil pay in order to assess the recoverable volumes in the Lille John accumulation and to determine commerciality.

Dana exploration director Dr Richard Fox said: "The results of the appraisal well and side-track are very encouraging demonstrating a healthy oil flow rate.

"The 12/06 licence is a great strategic fit for Dana giving us access to resources close to our existing licences operated from our Netherlands office, as we look to grow and develop our European operations."

Dana Petroleum Denmark operates License 12/06 with 40% stake while the other partners include PA Resources (24% interest), Nordsøfonden (20% stake), Danoil Exploration (8% stake) and Spyker Energy (8% interest).

Image: Schematic showing of Dana’s Dutch and Danish assets and licenses locations. Photo: courtesy of Dana Petroleum.