•The collapse of a dam on the Shakimardan river in Uzbekistan resulted in the deaths of 82 people in mid July, according to foreign news reports. Those who died drowned in the resulting flood. The dam apparently collapsed following torrential rain.

•Officials in Iran’s southern Fars province say that the construction of the Izadkhast dam is now 44% complete. The concrete dam, which will have a 12M m3 capacity reservoir, will be completed in 1999. The dam will be 36.5m high and 294m long. Construction started in 1996 and has so far cost 16.5B rials.

•A recent inspection of dams in Dac Lac province in northern Vietnam, found cracks in many of the structures. Some cracks were 2m deep, 50cm long and 15cm wide.

Vietnam News reports that the following dams were affected: Ea M’Ro in Cu M’Ga district, the H’mun and Cu Pam in Krong Bong district, the Suoi Muoi in Krong Ana district and the Dak Ye in Dak Rlap district.