“After seeing the impressive lab tests, we decided to incorporate ATIS ® products into our popular KleenJet® line of steam cleaners,” said Matthew Baratta, Daimer.com spokesman. “Our 5000CVP line is ideal for commercial cleaning applications.”

What is ATIS:

ATIS is new anti-bacterial/anti-microbial technology that in tests by a nationally accredited testing laboratory killed virtually all of unhealthy microorganisms.

New Floor Steam Cleaners:

KleenJet Ultra 5000CVP steam cleaning machines offer a total water capacity of 15 liters (boiler and refill tank), a 14-liter chamber for extraction and a direct water-feed for automatic refills for increased periods of continuous cleaning. These systems produce pressure levels of up to 120 psi. The new steam cleaners generate steam with temperatures as high as 329ºF.

The bundled wet-dry vacuum offers 2200mm of column lift and includes water and HEPA filtration to remove allergens.

For increased lifespan the steam cleaning machines feature a replaceable heating technology that lets owners have a budget-priced heating module replaced as opposed to a more costly boiler.

The commercial steam cleaners include myriad tools and attachments: a 10-foot vacuum hose, heavy duty extension rods, a 10-foot detachable steam hose, a steam squeegee for glass and assortments of brushes.

Applications for Steam Cleaners:

For cleaning services and commercial/industrial facilities looking for cleaning products to sanitize and disinfect surfaces, as well as tackle each of their specific applications, Daimer offers a range of suitable cleaning supplies and equipment. KleenJet vapor steam cleaners, with advanced technologies and “dry” vapor steam temperatures up to 360°F, are ideal for sanitizing; disinfecting and disinfection control; restoration cleaning; gum removal; helping eliminate bacteria; spot cleaning carpets; floor cleaning; window cleaning; tile cleaning and grout cleaning; and more.