“The new 150 psi XPH-9300 unheated carpet extractors are ideal for customers who want a little more power,” said Matthew Baratta, Daimer.com spokesman. “The machines also offer water lift and air flow comparable to our most powerful carpet shampooers.”

Carpet Cleaners for Commercial Applications:

For quick, efficient cleaning, these carpet cleaners offer a number of features. The machines boast 17-gallon solution tanks and 15-gallon recovery tanks. Daimer’s low-flow technology means less fluid is used, so those tanks last longer and operators can work for extended periods without stopping. The low-flow technology also means carpets get less damp and dry in approximately two hours.

Like the existing XPH-9300 machines, the new carpet cleaners have 2 inline heating elements and generate steam with temperatures up to 210ºF. For suction, the machines have two 2-stage motors, air flow of 200 CFM and water lift of 150 inches. The equipment generates pressure levels of up to 100 psi.

Optional wands are available at additional cost and include one for upholstery/spot cleaning and another for stairs.