“The use of toxic cleaning chemicals is a concern for all business,” said Daimer.com’s Eco-Green® manager Matthew Baratta. “This is among the best tile and grout cleaners because it’s effective and doesn’t harm the environment or generate liability that can burden businesses with unnecessary costs.”

Green Cleaners for Tile and Grout:

According to Daimer, its expanding eco-green line encompasses about 100 formulations and products. In addition, eco-green products are considered readily biodegradable. These natural cleaning products will biodegrade almost completely within a month, considerably faster than competing formulas. The products also offer a safety recognized by zeroes in the NFPA hazard listing.

This formulation incorporates Daimer’s own micro-blasting chemical formulation composed of nano particles, a fraction of the diameter of a hair. The micro-sized molecules pierce dirt particles for quick, easy cleaning.

This tile and grout green cleaner contains a soap-scum eliminator that dissolves hydrocarbon waste, like: fats, grease and oil. This solution was created to prevent the re-adherence of dirt on tile surfaces with regular use.

Concentrated Tile & Grout Cleaner can be diluted for general, daily tile and grout cleaning or straight from the container for heavy duty cleaning applications with steam cleaners, buffers, scrubbers, mops, and brushes for cleaning business, commercial, and industrial tile and grout.