KUB-Gas, a partially-owned subsidiary of Cub is the operator of the well, which is situated about 1km southeast of the Olgovskoye-15 that had drilled and began production in July 2013.

Plans are underway to drill the well as a step-out to the O-9 well for the R30c zone in the Bashkirian and an appraisal of the O-15 well in the S6 zone of the Serpukhovian.

KUB-Gas owned K-200 drilling rig will be deployed to drill the well, while Cub believes that both zones targeted in the O-11 will require fracture stimulation.

To reach total depth, the well is expected to take around 70 days, according to the company.

Cub claimed that its Olgovskoye field includes around 43% of gross KUB-Gas production, which is company’s second highest producing field.