Aquus PW, which includes a proprietary Columbian TecTank epoxy coated modular tank providing low up front capital costs, utilizes slow sand filtration to produce treated potable water for use in rural or remote locations, developing areas and locations with limited power.

The water treatment unit features a proprietary Prefilter that is designed to improve the performance of the slow sand filtration and incorporates settlement, straining, filtration, organism removal, organism inactivation, chemical change, and some storage capacity.

The system uses a gravity flow process, eliminating the need for using pumps or motors and prepares water for chlorination, claiming to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria, while its modular design allows for simple on-site construction, providing an efficient and economic water treatment option.

CST Industries vice president of business development Tony Thill said that the introduction of Aquus PW allows CST to provide an economical, simple and eco-friendly potable water treatment option to their customers for municipal and industrial applications throughout the world.