The c-A48-I well builds on the test of the lower Montney formation at the b-17-I well with the objective of determining if the lower portion of the Montney formation can contribute economically to the total productivity of the Montney at Farrell Creek, CSRI said.

Talisman Energy has begun commercial development of its Montney shale play located immediately north of CSRI’s Montney lands and expects to exit 2010 producing 40-60mmcf/d of natural gas.

In addition to the completion of the c-A48-I well, Canbriam has indicated that it plans to drill the c-18-I horizontal well targeting the Montney formation commencing in late June. The c-18-I well is expected to be followed by additional drilling locations targeting the Montney formation.

Engineering of a natural gas compressor/dehydration facility has begun with a planned capacity of up to 20mmcf/d with a target completion date and commercial operation in the fourth quarter of 2010.