CSR plc (CSR) and Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Murata) have produced the 200 millionth module to combine CSR and Murata technology. The CSR semiconductors used in Murata’s designs are extremely small and power-efficient. Murata produces a variety of modules for mobile phones, PC, automotive and other applications using CSR’s Bluetooth chips. CSR has consistently produced the smallest and most integrated Bluetooth and connectivity chips.

Murata and CSR have worked together almost since CSR’s inception, enjoying a close and highly productive relationship. CSR’s highly streamlined products are perfectly suited to the small form-factor designs desired by Murata’s end customers.

“When it comes to choosing a module for their device,” said Matthew Philips, senior vice president of the Handset Business Unit at CSR, “OEMS have come to associate Murata’s name with build-quality, performance and power-efficiency that is second-to-none. Murata’s designs are also held in high regard as being very compact and cost-effective. Like CSR, Murata takes a customer-centric approach, doing everything it can do minimise costs and time-to-market. Having shipped our own billionth chip a few months ago, we’re proud to be marking this joint milestone with our valued long-term partner.”

The small and most integrated Bluetooth and connectivity chips are achieved by a combination of CSR’s Smart Integration approach to silicon design as well as being a leader in Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP) technology. WLCSP achieves the smallest PCB footprint and is undoubtedly the packaging technology of choice for high volume, small form factor devices such as mobile handsets. CSR is continually pushing the boundaries further by reducing the height of WLCSP packages.

As part of this relationship CSR has worked with Murata on its breakthrough Connectivity Centre product, CSR9000. Launched this year at Mobile World Congress, CSR9000 is the world’s smallest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi solution and supports a long list of connectivity technologies: Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11abgn) and FM receive and transmit. CSR9000 enables the world’s smallest connectivity modules and offers best-in-class wireless performance and coexistence.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a Japan based module vendor.

CSR plc is a UK based Bluetooth and connectivity supplier.