Canadian Solar Inc.'s (CSI) five member team headed by the special adviser to Immigration Minister of Canada, Wajid Khan, met the Chairman of National Vocational & Technical Education Commission of Pakistan (NAVTEC) Adnan A Khwaja and discussed ways and means to enhance cooperation in promoting solar and green energy generation in Pakistan.

Khwaja told the visiting team that the country at present was facing an acute energy shortage and would welcome any initiative from the CSI to set up solar units and train solar technicians.

Khwaja further said that the solar energy has the potential to meet all future energy needs. It would be a unique example in Pakistan that solar technicians would be trained in vocational and technical institutes.

NAVTEC’s Executive Director Muhammad Athar Tahir placed various options to the delegation for starting operations in Pakistan. Tahir said that the Canadian firms will be welcomed both in public and private sectors to establish green energy projects. However, focus must remain on exchange of technology and knowledge, Tahir added.

Wajid Khan stated that they will be glad to collaborate with Pakistan to meet its energy needs. CSI Director of International Sales David Arenburg, informed the meeting that prices of solar cells have recently been reduced considerably resulting in reduction in the cost of setting up solar units.