The Intracoastal Pipeline, which extends from Patterson to Henry in southern Louisiana, connects to Crosstex’s Pelican processing plant and accesses other third-party processing plants in the region.

NGLs produced at Crosstex’s Pelican plant flow through the Intracoastal Pipeline to Crosstex’s Cajun-Sibon NGL pipeline for delivery to the Partnership’s Riverside fractionator. Crosstex’s Eunice processing plant also is connected to the Cajun-Sibon NGL pipeline.

Barry Davis, president and chief executive officer of Crosstex, said: “The Intracoastal Pipeline will serve as a strategic link between our Pelican and Eunice processing facilities and our Eunice and Riverside fractionators.

“We believe the pipeline will enhance our operational efficiencies and competitive advantages in the region, allowing us to maximize benefits from the processing and NGL value chain. The acquisition is consistent with our strategy to develop our NGL business in southern Louisiana.”