The Safkeg-LS package, which consists of a stainless steel outer keg with a flange type lid fastened by bolts, has been developed by Croft for the University of Missouri.

The containment vessel lid inside the keg is fitted with a test port for carrying out pre-shipment leakage tests in accordance with the ANSI N14.5 testing standard.

The radioactive material can be carried in a variety of containers depending on the University’s requirements, including aluminium capsules, glass bottles or quartz vials.

Michael Flagg at Missouri University said they will be using the Safkeg-LS to transport bulk amounts of a variety of radioactive materials used to formulate radiopharmaceuticals for cancer therapies.

"We will also use the package for shipments of a wide range of research radioisotopes across the globe allowing us to expand occasional shipments of limited quantities of fissile materials," Flagg said.

Croft managing director Bob Vaughan said the package is highly suitable to transport a range of radioactive materials, including research samples, bulk isotopes and medical products, so it will have relevance to users across the medical and research spectrum internationally.

Although the Safkeg-LS was designed for Missouri University, Croft will be making the package available to other customers.