Southern California Edison hopes to secure regulatory approval for six long-term contracts for 427 MW of renewable capacity. The deals run for 15 – 20 years and cover wind, biomass and geothermal projects slated for construction between 2006 and 2009.

If approved by the California Public Utilities Commission the contracts would start at about 141.5 MW and grow to 427.5 MW as projects are developed under California’s new renewable portfolio standard (RPS). The six are Coram Energy Group (20-year deal, 100 MW maximum); SeaWest Wind Power (20 years, 50 MW); and Western Wind (20 years, 120 MW); biomass projects include McCarthy Farms Biofuels (15 years and 15 MW) and Silvan Biomass (20 years and 22.5 MW); and a geothermal project Vulcan Power Co. in western Nevada (20 years and 120 MW). Five of the six projects will see construction of new developments and the other would see an existing facility enlarged.