Cougar Oil and Gas Canada has provided an operations update to the Trout core area multi-well drilling program and 3D seismic program.

The 23.8sq km 3D seismic program is well underway with slashing and mulching mostly complete.

The survey crew will begin surveying the source and receiver lines while the seismic drill crews will begin working on the source lines.

This seismic data will provide the firm with the detailed geophysical information needed to support the geological selection of the drilling programs, which will be executed over the next 18 to 24 months.

The earlier reported multi-well drilling program continues on schedule with final permitting underway and the company expects receiving the drilling licenses by the end of January.

Cougar also completed the first well in the reactivation program in the Trout core area.

A service rig deepened the 10-21 well to test additional lower Keg River oil formations and hence, oil was seen on the initial swab test and the well has been put on production.

Cougar has secured initial funding for the drilling program through the exercise of existing Cougar warrants and a $3m credit facility with current commercial terms.