The Siemens Power Generation Group (KWU) is to participate in the construction of two hydro power plants in India.

The Swiss company va-tech-hydro Vevey is also involved in the first project, the Baspa 2 hydro power plant in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Siemens will supply the mechanical, instrumentation and control equipment for Baspa 2.

In addition the company will provide three generators each rated at 100MW, and will be responsible for installation and commissioning of the equipment supplied.

Baspa 2 is due to begin feeding energy to the local state-owned power company, Himachal Paradesh Electricity Board, in early 2002. The power plant is intended to help reduce peak load deficits.

Meanwhile, in Maharashtra, Siemens (KWU) in a consortium with Swiss company Sulzer Hydro, will extend the Khopoli hydro plant and supply three generators and the power plant instrumentation and control equipment for the three units, each rated at 24MW. The first unit is scheduled to start operation in early 2001, with the other units to follow in early 2002 and 2003. Many parts of India are suffering from a power shortage of approximately 20%. New power plants with a combined capacity of 40,00MW have been planned for construction between 1997 and 2002 to address the problem. Ministers have also set short term power targets.