Brazil’s Companhia de Gerao Cesp Parana is speeding up construction activities at the Porto Primavera site in order to fill the reservoir. Cesp is investing R$300M (US$167M) to relocate residents living in the area to be submerged by the reservoir. The money will be spent on environmental mitigation activities and to construct 200 houses for fishermen living in Porto Joao Andre, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Porto Primavera’s hydroelectric plant has an installed capacity of 1800MW, (18x100MW). The total cost of the project is estimated at US$3B.

The Porto Primavera’s hydro plant, along with other Cesp Parana’s plants (Jaguari, Tres Irmaos, Jupia, Ilha Solteira, Barragem Paraitinga and Paraibuna), will be privatised this year. Cesp Parana has a short term debt of R$1B (US$0.6B), and a long term debt of R$7.5B (US$4.2B). About one-third of the debt is attributed to delays in the completion of the Porto Primavera project.