French nuclear group Areva has forged an alliance with Constellation Energy for the formation of UniStar Nuclear, a joint enterprise that brings together a manufacturer and an owner/operator.

UniStar Nuclear will enable the development of joint ventures which would license, construct, own and operate nuclear power plants as part of a standardised fleet based around the 1,600 MW Areva advanced nuclear power plant formerly known as the European pressurised water reactor (EPR) but now renamed as the US Evolutionary Power Reactor (US EPR).

The first fleet of four or more EPRs that could be developed and deployed under

the UniStar approach would see Areva provide the reactor and all support systems, including instrumentation and control system and the initial load of nuclear fuel, while Constellation Energy would operate the proposed fleet.

The company intends to form joint ventures for each nuclear power plant and Bechtel Power Corp will also support the project.

UniStar Nuclear is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland.