Aquamarine Power says that consent for its first Oyster wave power array is a “great milestone” for the company and for the wave energy industry as a whole.

The Scottish government has given the green light to the installation of two Oyster devices at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) on the island of Orkney to create a 2.4 MW wave energy demonstration project.

The project is a critical part of Aquamarine power’s plans to develop a 200 MW wave energy site in Orkney and a 40 MW site on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.

The company has praised the Scottish Government for its leadership in the renewable energy field.

“Consents are vital,” said Aquamarine Power in a statement. “A clear pathway to all the necessary permits for marine energy development is one of the critical enablers for a business such as ours, and countries which lack a transparent and timely system will fall behind.”

Aquamarine Power installed its first Oyster 800 device in Orkney in September 2011. The consent means that it can now install a further two devices to create the UK’s first grid-connected nearshore wave power array.

Last year Aquamarine Power became the first firm to secure bank debt finance for a UK marine energy project by agreeing a £3.4 million loan with Barclays Corporate for the Orkney demonstration project.