As part of its expansion plans in the Asia Pacific region, German solar energy company Conergy plans to build a $1.8 billion wind farm in New South Wales, Australia.

The proposed wind farm is expected to generate about 1,000MW of electricity using 500 turbines to power about 400,000 homes.

Andrew Durran, executive director of Epuron Australia, is quoted by Reuters as saying: This is a big project and its success will be very much hinged on strong government legislation on renewable energy targets.

Mr Durran added that the construction of the wind farm was expected to begin in 2009 and would take about three to four years to complete. The farm would produce between 300MW to 400MW of electricity in its first phase, he said.

Once completed, the wind farm is expected to lessen Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least three million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.