Conergy has completed the grid connection of a rooftop solar power plant for the Greek company N. Kornilakis.

The 1MW solar plant will be generating 1.4 million kilowatt hours and feeding it into the grid annually to power 360 households with clean electricity and also displacing 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission.

The company planned, engineered and designed the rooftop installation and it supplied 13,000 thin film solar modules for the project.

N. Kornilakis owner Nikos Kornilakis said Conergy has extensive proven expertise in the solar industry and offers outstanding quality with regard to both their product portfolio and their services.

"A Conergy plant is virtually a guarantee for the best possible yields for us as a company," Kornilakis said.

The company installed the solar modules on a warehouse roof covering an area of about 68,000m2.

Conergy completed the construction of the plant in two months.