With Vulcan SE, customers can now choose to deploy 10GbE content-aware multi-processing systems based on the scalability and leading-edge performance of the HP ProLiant DL785 G5 server. Many customers are choosing to take advantage of the I/O and throughput capabilities of the Vulcan SE content-aware NIC, while others are focusing on eliminating networking bottlenecks and reducing system costs.

By applying Deep Packet Inspection, Commex Vulcan SE leverages content awareness to distribute and balance network data processing amongst the multiple processing cores. The Vulcan SE content-aware dual-channel 10GbE NIC leverages the AMD Direct Connect Architecture by connecting directly to a Quad-Core AMD processor via a 16-lane HyperTransport interface.

The result is true multicore scalability of network traffic performance. The combination of the HP ProLiant DL785 G5 server supporting up to 32 AMD Opteron processor cores and the Commex Vulcan SE NIC allows for simultaneous high processing performance and scalable network traffic throughput.

For a broad range of applications, Commex Vulcan SE delivers performance significantly better than that of competing 10GbE NICs. Such performance is highly desirable for server applications including: database transactions, Web caching, IT security, application delivery, bandwidth management, high-traffic Web, financial services, and media streaming. This is an excellent opportunity for Commex, said Zeev Rivlin, Commex vice president, marketing and business development. HP is one of the first OEMs selected to prove the strength of our technology and our team here at Commex is very pleased with the collaboration. We are already seeing significant interest in our Vulcan SE NIC as a result.

The Commex Vulcan SE NIC has been extensively tested in HP’s Roseville, California, US Labs on the HP ProLiant DL785 G5 server. Customers looking to accelerate their growth require faster response time of their business applications, said Lorraine Bartlett, director, worldwide server marketing, Business Critical Systems, HP. The network acceleration option provided by Commex Vulcan NIC running on HP ProLiant DL785 G5 servers eliminates network bottlenecks and, as a result, increases overall application performance.

Commex Vulcan SE HT6210 Network Interface Card is available to customers for use with HP ProLiant DL785 G5 as well as HP ProLiant DL165 G5 servers.