The Ruku mine produces high quality, low volatility metallurgical coal with typical quality’s approximating 19% volatile matter, 6.5% ash, 4% moisture, <1% sulfur, and 14,000 BTU s.

CER CEO Ron Stovash said that production of metallurgical coal from Ruku, is an important milestone for the company.

"When we acquired the Ruku property, we intentionally took it out of production in order to make safety and productivity improvements," added Stovash.

The firm to be in production of metallurgical coal from Ruku, as this an important milestone for CERX.

The Ruku Mine’s production rate at the time of the acquisition stood approximately at 16,000 tonnes per year.

CERX controls mining concessions in four distinct blocks that covers an area of over 25,000 acres.

Colombia Energy Resources own coal deposits and are mining metallurgical coal and intend to produce metallurgical coke for export.