Initial generator sets will be Coates natural gas industrial electric power generator employing an 855cu in inline 6-cylinder engine equipped with the patented Coates spherical rotary valve (CSRV) system technology.

The CSRV system represents a departure from the conventional poppet valve. It changes the means of delivering the air and fuel mixture to the firing chamber of an internal combustion engine and of expelling the exhaust produced when the mixture ignites, the company said.

The ‘Coates’ system utilizes spherical valves, which rotate in a cavity formed between a two-piece cylinder head. The valves include channels that connect to the intake and exhaust passages.

George Coates, CEO and president of Coates, said: “After more than 15 years of development it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we are able to deliver our generator sets. Although we initially expected delivery in April, certain very complex CSRV parts and accessories took some time to be completed and delivered to us. The first shipment of generator sets to Almont will be in second quarter, ready for installation with Almont’s end users.”