Under the contractual terms, Clough will be responsible for procuring equipment and bulk materials, fabricate the wellhead processing platform, transport and install and hook-up the platform in the offshore Manora oil field.

The scope of the work also includes installing two 2km pipelines in the oil field 44m in the water and about 80km from the coast of Thailand.

Clough CEO Kevin Gallagher said the Manora oil field work contract is another addition to the company’s list of work.

"We look forward to working with our new client Mubadala Petroleum, to deliver the best possible outcomes for this important project," Gallagher said.

Clough will carry out the contract work with TL Offshore, an installation and transportation specialist.

The company is expected to earn about $35m revenue from the project which is expected to take about 14 months of time.

The project work is anticipated to start in September 2012 and Clough’s scope of work is expected to be completed in September 2013.