ClipperCreek, an EV charging station provider, has installed upgraded EV charging stations for Home Depot, Office Max and Taco Bell customers in Downey, Southern California to offer free public charging for all the new EVs and plug in hybrids coming to market beginning this year.

The two charging stations, which are upgraded with ClipperCreek’s CS-40 EVSE units at the Andrews Rancho shopping center, are the first of hundreds more across California to be similarly upgraded, and highlight the importance of free public charging.

ClipperCreek plans to replace over 500 obsolete Charge Stations across the state with their new EVSE units to provide EV drivers with the comfort of knowing they can extend their driving range in daily travels without having to pay unknown fees or charges to plug in.

ClipperCreek president Dave Packard said that the company is already seeing the charge station market moving in this direction at retail business & commercial facilities and expects the trend to escalate as increasing numbers of EV buyers enter the market.

“By supplying just one dollar’s worth of electricity, customers can extend their range by 40 miles. It’s a clear win/win, while further enabling business leaders to underscore their support for US energy security through reduced oil imports,” Packard said.