Ore stockpiling has commenced at the plant and live commissioning is underway.

The company will continuously operate the ore mining and processing through the Stage 1 gravity circuit.

Cleveland managing director David Mendelawitz said that the company is debt free, about to generate cash-flow, and have built the first stage of the mine before the expected time.

"With gold now trading at around $1750 per ounce, $200 per ounce higher than 6 months ago, it’s a great time to start selling it," Mendelawitz added.

Mendelawitz also said that the company will build a small mine to understand the components that affect budgets and schedules when building mines in Brazil.

"When we expand Premier and build other larger mines, we will be well positioned to get them right.

"We are now working to get Stage Two, the cyanide circuit, of the Premier mine built as quickly as possible, whilst at the same time working to increase our gold resources through exploration or acquisitions."