The aim of this partnership is create a fully-integrated MSW to cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant by integrating CleanTech’s patented biomass recovery process with Fiberight’s targeted fuel extraction process.

CleanTech’s vessel, which will be used to produce cellulosic biomass feedstock for Fiberight’s fuel extraction process, is scheduled for installation and begin operation by the end of August, 2010.

This agreement, which is an extension of the companies’ July 2009 joint research agreement, mandates Fiberight to finance the transfer of the vessel, equipment upgrade, and all operating costs associated with running the vessel at the Lawrenceville plant.

In addition, CleanTech can use the biomass produced at the Lawrenceville plant for delivery to other companies for testing it as potential feedstock in their conversion technologies.

Ed Hennessey, CEO of CleanTech Biofuels, said: “The installation of our vessel at the Lawrenceville plant will demonstrate that valuable renewable energy products can be produced from municipal solid waste.

“This project will hasten commercialization of our technology and move us closer to realizing our goal of bringing combined waste-to-energy systems to municipalities, solid waste haulers, and operators of solid waste landfills and transfer stations.”