The 419kW solar power system was made possible by SunEdison and REC Solar through a power purchase agreement that required no upfront capital from the city. The solar array system will generate an estimated 460,000kWh of solar energy in the initial year of operation. Over 20 years, the system is expected to generate more than eight million kWh of energy.

The system was constructed through a partnership with SunEdison, REC Solar and incentives provided by the energy trust of Oregon. REC Solar designed and installed the system.

Angiolo Laviziano, CEO of REC Solar, said: “This solar array is a benchmark project for the industry, which should encourage many more waste treatment facilities across the country to develop substantial plans for solar and other alternative energy sources that will help create jobs and stimulate local economies.”

Jaime Smith, vice president of sales at SunEdison, said: “SunEdison continues to provide cities across the nation the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy. We make this a reality with our strong financing capabilities and our partnerships with outstanding solar integrators like REC Solar.”