Citation along with the operator of the field, Latin American Resources, reported that the well is flowing unassisted oil and gas volumes at the surface at 7 foot section in the Upper C17 carbonates and has announced the well commercial.

The well produced 610 barrels of oil per day (bopd) at an average rate over for 24 hours without acid wash of the section or well swabbing and is considered a strong endorsement of the commercial potential of the well.

Latin American Resources drilled the well in the reservoir from 2846ft to 2853ft, while the well immediately started producing fluids and gas to surface without assistance.

The operator calculated natural reservoir pressure of over 1300psi and confirmed that the open reservoir section in the Upper C17 carbonate is producing good quality oil.

Oil produced at the well is being stored to be sold later.

With the volume of oil being produced at the reservoir pressures, the operator is unable to immediately test a highly prospective 13 foot section in the Upper C17 above the producing unit or the C13 and C14 carbonate sections that are the producing units in the Rubelsanto Field.

Citation is at present earning a 70% interest in the project through the funding of the Atzam #4 well and associated programs on the Atzam and Tortugas projects.