The well was spudded on June 8, 2010 by the Noble Lynda Bossler jackup drilling rig and reached total depth on July 21, 2010.

As prognosed, the well encountered thickened Jurassic sandstones in a down dip location from their prior penetration in well M07-05ST drilled in 1996. Gas shows were encountered during coring and subsequent log interpretation indicates the reservoir target appears to be gas bearing.

The well will now be cased and tested prior to being completed and tied-in as a production well on the M07-A platform. This process is expected to take approximately 14 days at which time the rig will be released.

Partners in the well are the Dutch state participant, EBN (50%), Taqa Offshore (5%) and Energy06 Investments (2.25%).

Following an extended period of annual maintenance at the L09-FF processing platform, production from the M07-A field has recommenced at a contractually increased gross rate of 31.7mmscf/d (Cirrus net 13.6mmscf/d).

The company said that it is expected that this rate can be maintained into the first quarter of calendar 2011 before natural decline of the Triassic reservoir takes effect. Assuming the M07-07 well tests satisfactorily, production capacity from this new well is expected to further extend the production plateau of the M07-A platform and facilities.