Irish oil and gas explorer Circle Oil has discovered gas in the KSR-10 exploration well at Sebou Permit in the Rharb Basin, Morocco.

The well, encountered gas in both the Main Hoot target and a secondary Mid Hoot target, has been drilled, logged and successfully tested at the permit.

The well first tested gas at a sustained rate of 10.6mmscf/d on a 26/64" choke from the Main Hoot.

The perforated Main Hoot zone of 8.4m at 1,736.6m-1,728.2m measured depth (MD) and a 1.5m zone at 1,720.0m-1,718.5m MD has a calculated net gas pay of 9.9m.

The Mid Hoot zone was then perforated and flowed gas at a sustained rate of 2.39mmscf/d on a 16/64" choke.

The perforated Mid Hoot zone of 1,650.5m-1,649.7m MD plus 1,647.6m-1,646.8m MD has a calculated net gas pay of 1.6m.

Additional gas pay zones of 4.4m, 3.1m and 1.4m in the Lower, Middle and Upper Guebbas were also logged.

The company said that the well is being completed as a potential producer.

A full technical evaluation of all the results of the well is underway that will allow for forward planning as a precursor to further assessment of the resource.