The UK Prime Minister David Cameron is set to sign a new deal, allowing China to construct a new prototype nuclear reactor in Bradwell of Essex.

Part of a civil nuclear treaty between Britain, France and China, the deal is expected to be signed in October this year.

The new plant is being built based on China’s support for two new plants to be constructed by French firm EDF Energy, including one at Hinkley Point in Somerset and the other at Sizewell in Suffolk, reported the Express.

Beijing’s state power companies China General Nuclear and China National Nuclear are expected to own a minority interest in Hinkley Point.

The firms will also become junior partners and share some of the costs for a follow-on plant at Sizewell.

EDF, which will be responsible for the construction and operation of both facilities, has agreed to sell its right in development site in Bradwell, in return for Beijing’s support for both facilities.

The firm will support China in the approval process for a new reactor design in Britain, which is expected to produce around 1GW of electricity.

Hinkley Point will include two EPR reactors, each with a capacity of 1.6GW, which will meet about 7% of electricity needs in Britain.