The Pacific Sharav is an upgraded Dual-Load-Path, Samsung-12000-design, dynamically-positioned drillship, specially modified to accept a Dual Gradient Drilling System, and able to operate in moderate environments and water depths up to 12,000 feet.

"The addition of the Pacific Sharav as Chevron’s fifth drillship in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico confirms our consistent exploration and development drilling program in the area," said Jeff Shellebarger, president of Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company. He added, "Chevron subsidiaries are among the top lease holders in the Gulf of Mexico and the area continues to be a key enabler in our growth plans, which includes our Jack/St. Malo project, due to come online this year."

"Chevron worked with Pacific Drilling from the very early stages in the design and specifications of the drillship capabilities to ensure the right fit with our drilling program and needs, building on lessons learned and capitalizing on a long-standing business relationship," said Steve Thurston, vice president, Chevron Deepwater Exploration and Projects, Chevron North America Exploration and Production.

The Pacific Sharav has commenced operations in the Keathley Canyon area.