The company claimed that McClendon, during his last months on the job in 2013, reportedly stole highly sensitive maps and prospect data, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

In the civil complaint filed in Oklahoma County District Court, Chesapeake said McClendon "misappropriated highly sensitive trade secrets from Chesapeake" and "subsequently used these trade secrets for the benefit of" a company, American Energy Partners LP.

American Energy Partners LP was founded by McClendon in 2013, reported Reuters.

Subsequently, the confidential data was used by McClendon to acquire land in the Utica Shale region in Ohio, US, in order to explore for potential deposits.

Claiming unspecified royalties and damages, the company said in the complaint that McClendon affiliates "used and disclosed Chesapeake’s trade secrets".

Contending the lawsuit as baseless, McClendon said that his separation agreement with the company comprised "the right to own and use this information".