The project intends to make enhancements required to keep the facility operational as the district completes programs related with Florida’s Ocean Outfall legislation and Consent Decree across the WASD system.

To address the legislative needs, CH2M will also handle additional facility upgrades, such as electrical improvements, a new oxygen train, two new secondary clarifiers and high-level disinfection expansion.

The measures will increase the plant’s capacity up to 30%, from 285 to 368 million gallons per day.

Since 2007, CH2M delivered over $30m in improvements at South District plant. The company has also been serving as the owner’s agent for the district’s Ocean Outfall program.

Apart from this, CH2M has also worked on 26 task authorisations of $90m of value which are either completed or are under construction.

CH2M Water Business Group President Peter Nicol said: "We’re honored to serve as the county’s lead wastewater consultant, helping WASD to provide high quality wastewater service and deliver on its mission of protecting public health and the environment.

"This new contract award is a testament to our partnership with Miami-Dade WASD and the excellent service our team is providing to support the community."