Lulache was quoted by Reuters as saying in a news conference that CGN will partner with Romania’s state-owned nuclear power producer Nuclearelectrica for the construction of the reactors.

Initially, Nuclearelectrica planned to develop the two reactors in partnership with six European energy firms, with combined estimated cost of $7.73bn.

Between 2010 and 2013, six European firms withdrew from the project due to concerns over the impact of debt crisis of Europe.

Although Nuclearelectrica signed several letters of intent and cooperation with Chinese energy firms, CGN was the only investor to file an offer by the deadline, Lulache added.

Lulache said: "The qualified investor fully meets the requirements … both from a standpoint of technical and nuclear safety standards and for its capacity to finance such a project."

CGN is due to submit a binding bid as well as a price offer to acquire a majority stake in the joint company which will develop the two reactors.

The contract for reactor construction, which is expected to take about six years, would be signed by the end of 2014.