Recently, CG was selected by ERDF to participate in the supply of 3 million Linky smart meters, in the first phase of its 35 million unit rollout goal for 2021.

Featuring G3-PLC technology, the new facility will be equipped to manufacture ZIV single and three phase Linky G1 and G3 meters, and is scheduled to commence operations by the second quarter of 2015.

Upon completion, the Grenoble manufacturing facility will also create around 200 direct and indirect jobs in the area.

Together with the existing facilities in Spain, the manufacturing facility will allow CG to support large-scale deployments in France, UK, Spain, the Netherlands and other countries.

Linky Program director Bernard Lassus said: "The Linky Program is a major industrial project that will create up to 10,000 jobs in France. With these smart meters, ERDF takes part in the digital revolution and supports the deployment of smart grids in France."

Avantha Group Company CG CEO and managing director Laurent Demortier said: "This significant stride is perfectly in keeping with CG`s ambitious plans of further developing the Linky program. The challenges ahead notwithstanding, we remain focused on making the smart grid a tangible reality by providing solutions born from innovation."

The company said the smart metering market in Europe would grow sharply and stand at 180 million units by 2020.