The two projects will together have a total capacity of approximately 600MW. The total investment of the Cez Group into the project will reach E1.1 billion.

Fantanele and Cogealac are situated in the Dobrogea province, north of Constanta, about 17km from the Black Sea. The project will become operational in stages. The first stage of 347.5MW will comprise 139 GE 2.5xl turbines with a 100m hub height and 99m rotor diameters and a 2.5MW capacity and will be operational by end of 2009.

The second stage of 252.5MW will be operational by the end of 2010. The construction will begin in September 2008. The windfarm will represent almost 30% of the renewable market in Romania (including large hydro) when it becomes fully operational, said Cez. It is the first significant wind project to be realized in Romania, which has only 7MW of operational wind energy production, according to Cez.

Martin Roman, chairman and CEO of Cez, said: This wind farm project will strengthen the position of the Cez Group in Romania itself and enlarges our activities in the electricity generation sector there. The project has all necessary licenses and permissions including guaranteed connection to the grid and the hardware for the first stage has already been fully contracted.