Renewable energy company Cornerstone Sustainable Energy (CSE) has forged a partnership with Warner Mountain Energy to develop a geothermal plant at the Surprise Valley Hot Springs in Cedarville, California.

As per the collaboration, the companies are expected to commence first phase of development that includes a feasibility analysis, conceptual design, and budgeting to install CSE’s PwrCor engine.

Warner Mountain Energy owns about 1000 acres at the Surprise Valley Hot Springs, comprising various artesian hot springs free flowing to the surface, delivering a total of 850 gallons per minute at 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, the project marks the debut deployment using the PwrCor engine to generate electricity by using heat from a geothermal resource.

CSE’s technology is estimated to produce 250kW of electric power with 150 gallons per minute of water at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. At this rate, the Surprise Valley Hot Springs site is expected to have a potential of producing about 1.5MW electric power.