CECEP Plasco China, which will be based in China, will be co-owned by the two companies. The signing of the agreement will mandate Plasco to deliver its Plasco Conversion System to China only through this joint venture.

CECEP and its subsidiaries will also use the Plasco Conversion System for development of projects to recover energy from waste in China.

In China, currently more than 160 million tonnes of municipal solid waste goes to landfill per year with the amount growing due to the urbanization and rapid economic development of the country, the company said.

Rod Bryden, CEO of Plasco, said: “We can make a big difference in cutting global warming causing gasses from landfill in the world’s fastest growing economy with one of the largest populations on earth through this partnership.

“This technology, developed right here in Ottawa, can help communities all around the world to handle waste and contribute to our green energy future starting right now.”

Wang Xiaokang, president of CECEP, said: “The opportunity presented by this joint venture between CECEP and Plasco Energy Group is truly exciting for both companies.

“Soon, not only Ottawa and Beijing, but communities across all of China will handle their municipal waste in the most environmentally friendly way, producing clean, reliable energy and usable materials. Garbage will truly become a resource rather than a waste.”