The 2004 Canadian Dam Association (CDA) conference has been arranged for the 25–30 September in the capital city of Ottawa.

The event is to include:

• One day Guidelines Working Group meetings open to all CDA members;

• Approval of the Dam Safety Guidelines Principles by the membership at the AGM;

• A technical programme designed to facilitate discussion of the issues to be addressed in the Dam Safety Guidelines – Practice Series;

• A technical session dedicated to reviewing feedback and discussions by each of the Guidelines Working Group Leaders.

The 2004 conference is to cover:

• Public safety assessments for dams abnd hydro power plants;

• Understanding the hydrotechnical aspects of dam safety;

• Mine tailings and dam safety.

Delgates wanting to know about the latest developments in dam safety will be able to attend four technical workshops to be held alongside the conference.

A risk assessment workshop, organised by the CEATI – Dam Safety Interest Group, is also to take place on the two days following the conference.

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