CBp Carbon Industries, Inc. (CBp Carbon), a Slovak Republic based tire recycling company, has signed a 20 year sale agreement with Triputra Group SA (Triputra). The agreement offers, as and when CBp Carbon can supply, that for the first ten years. Triputra will take all deliveries up to 200,000 tonnes of CBp Carbon Green per year at market discount and for the next ten years at 500,000 tonnes per year at market discount.

CBp Carbon’s deliveries are optional and it need not deliver unless it can do so profitably. Triputra is reputed to be the producer and supplier of raw rubber to the tire industry. Deliveries are expected to commence second/third quarter of this year from CBp Carbon’s first generation commercial plant in Cyprus which is designed for 10,000 tonnes (around 1 million tires) of tire processing per year. Of this processed volume around 30% results in CBp Carbon Green with the remainder as steel, oil and volatile gases, all of which are marketable products. In accordance with the company’s researches regarding Western market pricing, present carbon black (N500 to N774) grade equivalent to the Company’s Carbon Green is marketing at about $1 per pound or $2200 per tonne.

Cyprus Commercial Plant

CBp Carbon’s first generation phase III commercial production facility, located in Limasol, Cyprus, is completing final equipment installation. The plant is slated to be fully completed and tuned during the next 60 days and commence commercial production for its designed capacity of 10,000 tonnes per year (around 1 million tires). All of the cost of the plant has been paid by Company capital such that the plant and Company are debt free.

CBp Carbon president John T Novak stated: I am very pleased with the developing success of our Company and very proud that a world class company such as Triputra would show such confidence in our CBp Carbon Green. Our vision is coming to fruition and we believe that we are a leader of the new wave of environmental companies. As one follower of our company commented, „CBp is the only environmental company they have identified which can make a profit, even in these difficult times, without any requirement for government subsidy’. We are very pleased with this recognition.”